Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Overview Of Jott

By Matt:

I have referenced Jott before in posts, particularly as an input device in my GTD capture arsenal. It's a handy tool that quickly transcribes voice messages into text, and delivers them to your email or cell phone. Here are the basics:
  • Capture Messages: To capture a message simply call the Jott number from your registered cell phone and record a message just like you would a voicemail. Capturing messages this way is most ideal in specific situations, like when you're driving in the car and writing text messages is not a safe option.
  • Set Reminders: Once your message is captured you can set a reminder for yourself so that a text message reminder will be sent to your cell phone at a later time. You can remind yourself to pick up milk on the way home tomorrow, to return your library book in two weeks, or even to call your mother for her birthday a year from today!
  • Notify Friends: Not only can you send messages to yourself, you can also send the message to any of your contacts you have listed with the Jott service. You can even send messages to groups of contacts, enabling you to remind entire departments, teams, or organizations of important items.  Your contact list can be anyone and everyone (even other apps like Twitter!) so get creative with it.

Getting Started
As with most of our favorite web-apps Jott is a free service requiring only an email address and cell phone number for registration. Literally takes a couple minutes to sign-up and confirm your information. Jon and I are both Jott users and can vouch that Jott does a great job of protecting your information and you will not be the recipient of unwanted spam (email or phone).

Any current Jott users out there? The basics of Jott are pretty cut and dry, but if you're using the service in a creative or unusual way, it would be fun to hear about it in the comments below!


Michael Henreckson said...

Jott's a great tool I don't think I've maximized it's potential yet though. I mostly use it as a substitute for my phone's voice recording feature because I never review the voice records on my phone. If I Jott it instead, then it shows up in my email inbox which I definitely do check. It's great for things like keeping track of how much I spent at the convenience store when they forgot to give me a receipt, or remembering song lyrics that I want to look up when I get home.

patrick said...

Jott is a great tool. I used to use it all the time. Regretfully, they've come out of their Beta and it's no longer a free service for all of the features I used to use. It's not terribly expensive $3.95/month, but it's just hard to start paying for something that used to be free. You know?