Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick Tip: Share Ideas With Colleagues With

By Matt:

This great tip was inspired by reader Florian Hollender in response to our recent post "A New Twist On".

Today we have two quick and easy ways to share articles, blog posts, and ideas with your co-workers by saving web-pages with

METHOD 1: Use the 'Links For You' tool built into Save the target webpage with the tag for:USER, where USER is the profile name of your co-worker. These saved pages will now appear in your co-worker's 'Links For You' page listed on their profile.

METHOD 2: The other option is to save pages with a very specific tag name (that you wouldn't use for anything else). For instance, if you work in Strategic Marketing, tag these items as "strategicmarketing". Next, instruct your colleauges to subscribe to the RSS feed of items tagged as "strategicmarketing" on your profile. This is easily done by directing them to this link:
  • USER is your unique profile name for, and TAGNAME is the specific tag that you defined for your department.
Send us your additional tips on how you're using to increase productivity - we'd love to hear how you're using this great tool!

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