Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick Tip: Swap Windows In .0013 Seconds

By Matt:

This will likely be remedial for the more seasoned, but for the benefit of the rest we wanted to share this most important of all keyboard shortcuts.

To quickly alternate between open windows on your desktop - like from Outlook to Firefox, or Firefox to Word - train your fingers on this sequence:
Alt + Tab
In Windows this will alternate you between the window you're currently viewing and the last window you had open. I use this all day long, especially when I'm writing emails and need to reference data on an open Excel page or website. Note that holding down the Alt button while pressing Tab repeatedly will allow you to browse through all open programs.

Likewise, Mac users have a similar shortcut they can use to access the most recently viewed window:
Command + Tab
Hope this speeds up your day, or at the very least gives you a quick way to navigate away from your Facebook profile when the need arises.


Michael Henreckson said...

I haven't learned how to make the most of that shortcut yet. I tend to just open two windows side-by-side when I need to keep referring back to one of them. Maybe I should program the Alt+Tab shortcut into my head and I'd get more out of it.

Caleb said...

similar shortcut you might try is switching between windows in the same application.
alt + ` (located just above tab)
command + ` for Mac.

Caleb said...

I think that I got that wrong for windows. It might be CTRL+TAB.