Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unplug Your Weekend: Don't Check Your Email

By Jon:

Hey there Corporate Hackers,

Just a quick note to encourage you to fully take advantage of your weekend. Turn your Blackberry, Outlook or off -- those emails can wait until Monday morning. If you've already made that a precedent, you could go so far as to set an out-of-office advising your return on Monday morning.

If your only phone is your work Blackberry, that's a bit more difficult, but you can set your Sound Profile to not notify you of emails received, only SMS messages. That way, you'll only have to ignore a little red light instead of a ringing sound every few minutes.

It's drastically important to disconnect and step away from your job -- on the weekend, you're not being paid to address those emails! You have to take time to stop and recharge your batteries and live your life, and stopping conversation with friends or driving off the road is not worth reading another "FYI" email.

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Words For Hire said...

Great advice! In our instant world, we have forgotten that "unplugging" actually makes us more productive during the week. It's important to disconnect and allow yourself to fully engage in other parts of life. When you come back on Monday you are fresh and energized and ready for the week ahead. I wish everyone would take this advice!