Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Work Better By Working Less

By Matt:

This comes from an old post, but it's a good one. If you've worked more than 12 minutes in a corporate setting, people have asked you to do things that are either not your responsibility or are beyond your capacity. And if you've worked in a corporate setting more than 13 minutes, you've tried to tackle a lot of those requests - whether to impress a boss, move up in the organization, or just out of fear to keep your job.

Penelope Trunk over at Brazen Careerist offers 7 tips to help you minimize the amount of frivolous requests and time-sucking endeavors. She rightly points out that not all tasks are equal, and to get home in time for dinner, you need to be able to determine the difference between what your boss is telling you is important and what truly is going to be a home run for your company.

7 Ways To Decrease Your Hours Without Harming Your Career

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